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FAS Workers Do a Fine Job May 10th

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Those who have been encouraged to go out for a summer stroll in the recent nice weather will have noticed the huge improvement in the neatness of the roads leading out from the village. No longer are the roadsides littered with debris such as plastic bottles, fast food containers, plastic bags, cigarette boxes, tayto bags and many other kinds of rubbish.

Who have we to thank for this great improvement? Is it ourselves? I’m afraid not. We haven’t all been converted to a tidy Tipperary philosophy overnight but a start has been made. Our thanks is due to South Tipperary County Council and their recent roadside clean up campaign. The workers who carried out the clean up locally were the local FAS workers under their local supervisor Jamesy Ivors. 

We say well done and thank you. Where do we go from here? Do we wait and let things go back to normal, letting rubbish pile up and waiting for another “dig out”. Maybe with the change of Taoiseach dig outs are now over. It is time for all us to take responsibility for keeping our countryside clean. 

Last week two of the primary schools in our parish received tidy schools awards from the county council. The schools are certainly showing us the way forward. What can we do? Well everybody can do their bit and pull their weight. First of all don’t dump litter as you and your friends pass along the roadway. Every person would help if they took responsibility for gathering up and disposing of the litter outside his/her own property. We know that you may not have thrown it there, but are you going to leave it until some other kind person comes along to clean it up. 

One difficulty with that attitude is that litter seems to attract even more litter. The old saying much wants more might even apply. The third point is zero tolerance for those who litter. If you see some person throwing litter from their car or cleaning out their car by the roadside, don’t adopt the strategy of the three blind monkeys “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”. Challenge the culprits or if you don’t like to do that, report them to the local authorities. After all our county council has litter wardens on its books. Remember it is you who has right on your side. 

Once upon a time smokers felt free to light up in non-smoking areas and were highly indignant when challenged. That has changed for the better. Why can’t the same treatment be handed out to the litter louts? Keep your eyes wide open and our roadways may stay in the fine neat condition they are now in. Another old saying comes to mind “For evil to triumph, it is but necessary that good men should do nothing” 

Keep our parish nice and green. 


Next summer in June 2009, we will have local elections. One of the big concerns heading for the top of the grievance agenda is anti-social behaviour. It is a modern problem in both town and villages. Nobody seems to have any sense of responsibility for the things that are taking place. 

Blame is being shifted faster than the three card trick man moves his cards. For some time past, there have been rumblings of disquiet over events taking place in our village in pubs and on the streets of the village late at night and even during the day. Because of this conduct and vandalism, residents within their homes are anxious and afraid. 

Conduct within pubs in within the control of the publican but when people pour onto the streets of the village becoming a source of danger to both themselves and to the passing general public it becomes a matter of public concern. It is now sometime ago that preparations were put in hand for a public meeting to be held locally concerning the topic. 

The position has not improved and recent events would indicate that things have become worse. Harassing traffic which is passing and throwing bottles etc onto the roofs of houses in not conduct to be tolerated. Rumours are circulating locally that there were a large number of calls seeking Gardai, but that there wasn’t a response. When something serious happens on our streets, it will be too late. 

There is such a thing as public order which people in general have a right to expect. Perhaps, we will soon have details of our local meeting and older people who have given a lifetime of building up our village can enjoy themselves without hindrance or hassle. 


“Never cast a clout until May is out” goes the old saying. Probably good advice as May starts with a fine sunny spell. April ended locally with 27.1mm of rainfall on 15 days. This was a very small amount of rainfall even though 2007 had only 18.2mm of rainfall. 
This amount fell on only 5 days so April 2008 certainly had plenty of showers. We all remember what happened to the summer of 2007, after a very bright beginning in April. We even had an official drought. No fear of that last month so maybe the summer will be different as well. We certainly hope so. 

A Football Week

A week they say is a long time in politics. It can be a long time in football as well. On Saturday night we won the county under 21B football championship. Having celebrated the historic win, we were unable to field a team in the senior team failing to turn out should not be placed on an under 21 team and its management. 
By Sunday we had put a senior football team together but we went down to Commercials 0-20 to 1-8. A number of our players were playing their second game in 24 hours as they had played a senior hurling challenge game against Carrick Shock on Saturday. Our senior football team that lined out against Clonmel was Thomas Collins, Noel O Shea, A.J Cronin, Joseph O Meara, Kyran Vaughan, Paul Curran, Philip O Shea, Kevin Walzer, Edwin O Meara, Kevin Bolger, Niall O Brien, Brian O Meara, Joey Maher. 

 The previous Friday night our minor footballers went down to Ballingarry. So a week that started well went downhill fast.

May Devotions

A thank you to the local people who subscribed to the Irish Cancer Church gate collection, which was held last weekend. 

Local Lotto

The local lotto draw took place on Monday April 28th 2008. The winning numbers were: 4, 11, 14 & 17 

Eight winners shared the match 3 prize of €200.

Congratulations to:

Enda Morris, Pat Webster, Phyllis Walsh, Paddy Russell, Mary Treacy, Carmel Kennedy, Tony Nolan, John Cuddihy.

Next draw will be Monday May 12th when the jackpot could be worth €7,100. 

Car Wash

Our juvenile club will be out car washing again on Saturday next May 11th. A good wash will cost €7.00. The washing will take place in the car park from 10am to 5pm.




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