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Next summer in June 2009, we will have local elections. One of the big concerns heading for the top of the grievance agenda is anti-social behaviour. It is a modern problem in both town and villages. Nobody seems to have any sense of responsibility for the things that are taking place.

Blame is being shifted faster than the three card trick man moves his cards. For some time past, there have been rumblings of disquiet over events taking place in our village in pubs and on the streets of the village late at night and even during the day. Because of this conduct and vandalism, residents within their homes are anxious and afraid.

Conduct within pubs in within the control of the publican but when people pour onto the streets of the village becoming a source of danger to both themselves and to the passing general public it becomes a matter of public concern. It is now sometime ago that preparations were put in hand for a public meeting to be held locally concerning the topic.

The position has not improved and recent events would indicate that things have become worse. Harassing traffic which is passing and throwing bottles etc onto the roofs of houses in not conduct to be tolerated. Rumours are circulating locally that there were a large number of calls seeking Gardai, but that there wasn’t a response. When something serious happens on our streets, it will be too late.

There is such a thing as public order which people in general have a right to expect. Perhaps, we will soon have details of our local meeting and older people who have given a lifetime of building up our village can enjoy themselves without hindrance or hassle.


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