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If it was peace and quiet your were looking for, the village was not the place to be on Saturday night or in the small hours of Sunday morning. Cars roaring around the streets of the village were only part of the problem. The danger to life and limb of people walking home on the footpath cannot be overstated.

The upset caused to many elderly and not so elderly residents should not be tolerated. Early comers to Mass on Sunday morning were greeted by the unwelcome sight of the entrance gates to the church yard smashed down. Across the road in the car park, recycling were destroyed. The damage caused to the church gates could only be caused by a motor vehicle coming from the inside.

This latest outbreak of vandalism was certainly an affront to most of the residents of our parish. This damage could not have been done unknown to residents of the village nor could all the damage have been caused by “strangers” from outside area. As has been stated in other areas, “it is time for people to step up to the plate” and report the numbers and drivers/passengers of such vehicles.

It is also well past time that notice be taken by the authorities of such vandalism. A couple of months of absolute zero tolerance, especially with Halloween and the cover of darkness coming up is called for before tragedy strikes. Over the years, more and more lawlessness has been tolerated. It is past time that people were made responsible for their actions.

God be with the days long ago when young people feared going home without a lamp on their bicycles attracted the attention of the Gardai and cycling on the footpath was a major crime.

Than meeting that we promised regarding anti-social behaviour is long overdue. However actions speak louder than any words.





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