Three visiting priests

Monday, 19 November 2007 13:05 News

Three priests from Australia visited Mullinahone last week and all three had Mullinahone connections. Their coming is a wonderful tribute to the faith of our people who went over seas.


Fr. Brendan Quirke has his roots firmly established in Poulacapple

Fr. Matthew Mullon worked with Fr. Tom Kennedy in the diocese of Maitland

Fr. Paul Ventiein was educated in the secondary school where Brother Joseph Crowley of Kilvemnon was teaching.


family tree

Fr Brendan Quirkes Family tree in Poulacapple


Thomas Cantwell (born 1827) married Ellen Cantwell (Born 1836)

They had two Children:


Ellen Cantwell born 1862


William Cantwell born 1865


When Thomas Cantwell died, Ellen married Martin Quirke in 1869 and they had a baby girl, Bridget born 1870


They immigrated to Australia where they had 3 more children and all the children of both marriages were brought up as Quirkes. Fr. Brendan is a direct descendent of William Cantwell, the boy of the first marriage. Fr Brendan’s Father is in his eighties and is delighted with the discovery of all his relations in Mullinahone.

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