Farewell to Fitz

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“Farewell to Fitz”

As I walked down for my paper
My good neighbour I did meet
The shocking news he had for me
Near knocked me off my feet
Did you hear about the tragic news
That’s happened on this day
I know you’ll find it hard to grasp
Poor Jim Fitz has passed away
Shock and awe were what I felt
I could hardly believe my ears
To be taken out so suddenly
He was only three score years
What a blow to all his family
And to all his friends as well
There’s no justice in this world at all
And that’s the truth I tell
In Heron’s sawmill in Callan town
Fitz worked for many years
The banter and the hurling talk
Were not for sensitive ears
He told me once he liked his job
But he couldn’t stick the fact
He was surrounded on all sides in there
By too many bloody “Cats”
He was a real all rounder
When it came to sporting ways
He played football, golf and hurling
Even tennis in his day
I played football myself with Jim
And I’ll ne’er forget one day
When we were in big trouble
Jim Fitz did show the way
T’was a county minor final
We were being pushed around
We were eight points down to Kilruane
And it looked like we’d go down
But Fitz just wouldn’t have it
He got his dander up
And I always say his play that day
Ensured we won the cup
Tales of Fitz are legendary
His “rugby” mates all say
Like the day they all did go to see
Toulouse and Munster play
Now Toulouse were wearing red that day
And to their side Fitz did go
He was cheering for the French side
For a half an hour or so
And I must give golf a mention
At this sport he made his mark
I’m told he got a hole in one
Even though ‘twas almost dark
The tradition is to buy a round
When that feat you do achieve
Fitz said no one saw it in the dark
So he wouldn’t buy the beer
If we think we hear a late, late knock
On TJ’s door some night
I’m sure that it will be yourself
Trying to give us all a fright
I know that you’d enjoy that Jim
To scare us out of our wits
But for now we all wish you adieu
So goodbye, farewell, Jim Fitz
Joe Tobin

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